Until now, every Marvel Studios film has been rated PG-13 (although features starring Marvel characters have had higher ratings) but that might all be about to change. According to reports, Disney could be branching into R-rated territory with a new Blade film.

It’s been 15 years since Wesley Snipes played the half-mortal vampire slaying Blade. Snipes has been optimistic about the idea since for months, tweeting;

Rumors have gained traction since Snipes' recent interview with Vice where he divulged that “All the main execs [at Marvel] and my team, we’ve been discussing for the past two years. Everyone’s enthusiastic about it, everybody gets it. But they got a business to run and they gotta square the things that they gotta figure out before they can get to it, I guess.”

Last week, at the quarterly earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger suggested the company would move into R-rated movies, citing the success of Deadpool. While he didn't specifically mention Blade, it seems as though the conditions Snipes was waiting for might have arrived.

Snipes warned that “what we did before is child’s play compared to what we can do now."

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