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It slipped under the radar somewhat – if you’re not counting the 39,000 times that Four Pins’ tweet has been retweeted – but Matthew McConaughey is filming a new movie and has been photographed rocking a totally revamped style. The movie is called The Beach Bum and if the few ’fits that have leaked are anything to go by, the actor will be a mainstay in any future inspo albums.

Not much is known about The Beach Bum apart from the fact that it centers on a rebellious stoner named Moondog (McConaughey) who lives life by his own rules. Harmony Korine is directing the movie and Isla Fischer and Snoop Dogg are co-starring. Also making appearances in the movie are Zac Efron and Jonah (Jawnah) Hill.

Harmony Korine famously wrote the screenplay for Kids at the age of 19 and directed the films Gummo and Spring Breakers, among a few others. It seems that Zac Efron, who had an equally crazy but much less appealing ’fit (pictured below), is styled in the vein of James Franco’s infamous Alien character from the aforementioned movie.

McConaughey’s outfits look, at first glance, like he got dressed hungover in the dark. Upon closer inspection, however, the mishmash of colors, Hawaiian shirts, and matching shorts begin to look low-key fresh.

One particular outfit, in which McConaughey is wearing flame-covered shorts and a shirt, has the Mud actor looking like a cross between cooking host Guy Fieri and a young Andre Agassi. Complementing the various ’fits, McConaughey has grown out his hair, picked out a pair of oversized black shades, and has been seen rocking a dirty white bum bag. It’s simple, yet effective accessorizing.

With his new style, Matthew McConaughey has achieved what Hedi Slimane failed to do at Saint Laurent: He’s made Hawaiian shirts cool. Instead of forcing it, McConaughey has recognized that the secret to styling the Hawaiian shirt is to let it flow free.

Scrolling through some of his getups below, the actor has certainly done that, albeit for a role in a movie. There is, however, no reason why we can’t take a little inspiration from it as the summer weather starts to take over.

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What do you think of McConaughey’s most recent outfits? Would you rock something like this on a hot summer day or is it a hard pass? Let us know in the comments.

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