Mark "Mayor" Farese's sneaker collection is nothing to scoff at. With a pair count of over 3,600 and a total value of over $1,000,000 USD, you'd think that those facts alone would be enough for noteworthy status. But behind every pair in his collection, there's a compelling story, such as "I flew a friend in from Japan to bring me back Linen Atmosphere Air Force 1s. He brought me back three pairs," which serves to make us wonder how the hell one man managed to pull together the world's most limited kicks into his home closet.

Fortunately, if you've ever been curious as to how Mayor's immense sneaker collection came to be, a new interview with Coveteur has him revealing the stories of his past, as well as showcasing exclusive shots of the pieces within his collection.

Check out some of the key quotes from the interview below, and head over to Coveteur to check out the rest.

On how he got started with sneakers:

“My fascination for sneakers started when I was 10 years old. My mother bought me a pair of skippy’s called The Mark 5, and I thought I was cool because the shoe had my name on it—my name is Mark, and the shoe said ‘Mark 5,’ so I thought I was the coolest guy in the world.” On the rarest pair in his collection:

“The rarest sneaker I own is the Undefeated Jordan 4, which was limited to 72 pairs. It’s better than owning a piece of stock.”

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