It's been almost eight years since his death, yet the full-length trailer for McQueen still packs an emotional punch.

Revisiting the life of Lee Alexander McQueen, McQueen is a feature length documentary that looks upon the eponymous designer as he morphed from a self-described "East End yob" to one of the most extraordinary visionaries the fashion industry has ever known.

With words such as "rebellion" flashing across the screen, it's clear the documentary's focus will be on how McQueen "discovered himself" and broke every constrictive fashion industry cliche throughout his relatively short career: From spray painting white couture, to creating and projecting a hologram of Kate Moss on the catwalk.

Yet not only will it praise the revolutionary idol — who tragically passed away in February 2010 after a long battle with depression — and his remarkable career (alongside a bunch of catwalk imagery, naturally), but the trailer suggests that there will be a focus on the troubled relationship between "genius" and mental health.

McQueen premieres in theaters June 8, 2018.

In case you missed it watch the teaser for the film below.

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