Mercedes-Benz is making a play for the title of the longest-range electric vehicle with the unveiling of the solar-powered Vision EQXX concept car.

All those dreams you've had of driving from Berlin to Paris, or New York City to Cincinnati on a single charge in your ultra-futurist electric car may well come true sooner than you imagined. For that, you can thank the newly unveiled Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX ultra-long-range concept car.

In the world of automotive sport and design, competition is the driving force. Which car can go from 0-60 the fastest? Do the most miles per gallon? Hit the highest top speed? Without the competitive nature and desire to go further and faster, the benchmark of automotive design would be far behind its current point.

We've always had grand ideas about the future of cars; self-driving cars, fully electric cars, flying ones, and everything in-between. Thanks to technological innovations, many of these ideas have come to fruition or are mere miles ahead of us. So what's next? Do these things better.

For electric vehicles, this means going even further on a single charge. For the long-range EVs on the road today, like the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, this means 402 miles per charge.

The Vision EQXX, though currently only a concept car without any solid production plans in plans, looks to make this a lot further, with a proposed 648 miles per charge.

Mercedes unveiling of this latest concept EV comes as part of its commitment to the electrifications of its lineup by 2030, bolstered by the likes of the future-ready G Wagon, the Concept EQG.

Though its sleek design feels far more grounded in our reality, I can't help but think concept EVs have remained true to our vision of the future from the early 2000s – case in point being Audi's RSQ which featured heavily in Alex Proyas' I, Robot.

For more on Mercedes-Benz, check out the late Virgil Abloh's Project MAYBACH.

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