Fritz Bacon/Motorola

There are myriad ways to spend $1,499. For most people, we imagine blowing the lot on a novelty flip phone would be pretty near the bottom of the list. Still, if that kind of thing is your wont, then take heed of the fact that Motorola has come through with a not-at-all kitschy "Blush Gold" revamp of its returning Razr handset.

The Verizon-exclusive phone features the same specs as the original "Noir" model, boasting a midrange Snapdragon 710 processor and 128 GB of storage. And, erm, that's about it. There are no real changes beyond the surface level, which hardly bodes well given the Razr was negatively received upon its release. Still, there seems to be an appetite for upgraded throwback phones among the fashion crowd right now, with Thom Browne's recent Samsung tie-up leading the charge.

Despite our naysaying, the lukewarm reviews, and the fact it costs nearly $1,500, Motorola has had no issue in shifting the old-school phone. The Verge reports that original orders were delayed due to high demand.

For more information on the new "Blush Gold" Razr, head on over to Motorola. When you're finished up there, be sure to check out our recent listicle on some of the best designer phones from the early 2000s.

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