While Apple's cheap new iPhone SE 2 is rumored to be dropping very soon, tech enthusiasts can look forward to another smartphone releasing in the near future, as Motorola's foldable Razr will be available for pre-sale beginning January 26.

An update of the iconic flip phone from the 2000s, the new Razr boasts a 6.2-inch plastic OLED screen that folds in half from top to bottom, as opposed to side to side like Samsung's Galaxy Fold. According to Motorola, the foldable Razr unfolds to a fully flat panel, leaving no visible creases. Additionally, the phone is entirely water-repellent and runs on the latest Android 9 Pie operating system.

An homage to the classic Motorola Razr, the new version retails for $1,500, roughly $500 cheaper than the aforementioned Galaxy Fold from Samsung. Pre-orders for the device begin January 26 through Verizon, Walmart, and motorola.com. The phone will be available in stores on February 6.

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