Over his 20-plus year career, Christopher Nolan has become known for high-budget, billion-dollar-grossing thrillers that push the limits of modern film-making and storytelling. He's surprised audiences with films that often delve into the very concept of time, whether it's heist men 4 layers deep into someone's subconscious (Inception), astronauts on a quest to save humanity (Interstellar), or soldiers desperately trying to escape an impending attack (Dunkirk). Oh, and he also happened to make the best Batman movies ever. His latest, Tenet, stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, and, based on this new trailer, once again sees Nolan trying to unpack time.

While a release date for the action-packed film is now unknown (it was originally slated for July 17), we do have a new trailer that ever-so slightly reveals more information about what exactly it's all about. That said, the trailer does more in the way of asking more questions (why does JDW need to save the world from something worse than World War 3? Why are they reversing clips of time? What the hell is going on here, anyway?) then answering them. Then again, making people incredibly excited for a movie they don't quite understand, even after they've seen it.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back soon as we learn more about when Tenet will land in theaters.

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