Nicki Minaj is preparing to release another album — and with it, a new alter ego.

Minaj, who announced her retirement last year, surprised fans by kicking off 2020 with new music. During a Twitter Q&A session this Saturday, a fan asked the rapper to describe her upcoming album in four words, to which she responded: "Queen TF Sleeze."

Nicki later explained that she would not be reviving her classic alter egos — Roman Zolanski, the Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Lewinsky — and that Queen Sleeze is a completely new character.

Describing her alter ego, the rapper wrote: "She’s more calm but way deadlier. My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet [than] when I yell. Lmao. He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious."

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