At the height of his fame and stardom, NIGO had amassed a comprehensive collection of American pop culture memorabilia that was utterly ludicrous in size, requiring multiple apartments across Tokyo to house it all. NIGO's grand accrual included artefacts from the worlds of film and TV, automotive treasures, valuable works of art, jewelry, and a non-paralleled array of fashion collectibles from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, adidas and much more.

It's no secret that NIGO has always been a fan of titles like Star Wars and of course Planet of the Apes, and his jaw-dropping collection reflects these specific tastes. From Versace furniture to Bugs Bunny plush toys, NIGO really had it all.

Broadcast circa 2005, these videos usher viewers into the depths of NIGO's main Tokyo residence, as well as his mansion-like "warehouse" in the Roppongi Hills neighborhood, providing an intimate look at the BAPE founder's collection.

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