“I think it’s safe to say that in many ways the future is the manifestation of a dream,” explained Marc Newson when discussing Nike’s VaporMax sneaker — a new design that is undoubtedly of the future. VaporMax is the manifestation of 30 years of imagination, innovative thinking and futuristic visions. But, most importantly, it’s the result of a single, ambitious dream: to walk on air.

Air technology first appeared in the Nike Tailwind in 1978, but it wasn’t until 1987 that Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 1 design made the air pouch visible giving birth to Air Max. From the Air Max 95 bringing visible air to the forefoot to the Air Max 360 being entirely foamless, the innovation never stopped. Today, the VaporMax represents the next stage of evolution. The new model removes excess rubber and glue by using a sole made entirely of TPU, and combined with Nike’s Flyknit and Flywire technologies, the result is lighter than air.

When looking for the VaporMax’s ideal creative partner, the idea of it being a manifestation of a dream led Highsnobiety and Nike to German rapper Ace Tee, who’s viral hit “Bist Du Down” catapulted the artist to quasi-fame earlier this year. Unbeknownst to many, Ace Tee started her career as a hairdresser before discovering she had a musical gift, a gift she’s committed not to waste.

Like a scene from Inception, once the idea of being a music artist was planted and the dream developed, fantasy and reality blurred into one as the artist began manifesting her creative visions. And, just like in a dream, the seemingly impossible happened when Ace Tee’s “Bist Du Down” became a sudden hit. It would be an understatement to say that she was surprised: “I was shocked. I was shocked a few times,” she reiterated.

Since she began making music, she’s maintained a runners mindset and refused to look anywhere but ahead; even if only taking small steps, she continues to propel forward. Refusing to set herself boundaries and envisioning her path as a journey of discovery, her vision becomes clearer and easier to manifest.

Watch Ace Tee chase her dreams in our exhilarating Nike VaporMax video above and head over to Nike to snag a pair on March 26.

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  • Film & Post Production: Saltwater Films
  • Director: Vitali Gelwich
  • Dop: Stefanie Soho
  • 2nd Dop: Marcus Gelhard
  • 1st AC: Ruben Molina Sandoval
  • Editor: Jan Gleisberg / Saltwater Films
  • Lighting: Sandra Glaser
  • Talent: Ace Tee
  • Styling: Lorena Maza
  • Hair: Sara Mathiasson
  • Make Up: Patricia Heck
  • Runner: Sophie Kochert
  • Driver: Marius Knieling
  • Executive Producer: Klaudia Podsiadlo
  • Producer: Emily Hale
Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor