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A grand jury testimony released Thursday has revealed new details about the ongoing Nipsey Hussle murder case, as reported by the LA Times. Hussle was fatally shot on March 31 in Los Angeles, and 29-year-old Eric Holder is currently being held as a suspect.

According to testimony provided by Deputy District Attorney John McKinney to a grand jury in May, the shooting came after a conversation between Hussle and Holder about snitching.

“Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching,” McKinney said. “The conversation wasn’t particularly intense. It wasn’t particularly belligerent.”

A witness claims that, during a conversation before the shooting, Holder was also heard asking Hussle either “So you’ve never snitched?” or “Haven’t you snitched?” According to the prosecutor, the conversation “moved Eric Holder to a point of wanting to return to the parking lot and kill Nipsey Hussle.”

The prosecutor’s information is based on testimony from the witness, a caregiver and driver who said she drove Holder to and from the scene but was not named due to credible threats to her safety.

Holder has been charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a firearm, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He is currently being held and faces life in prison if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty. Read the full LA Times report here.

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