Getty Images / Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

Kim Kardashian has responded to ZaZa’s parents following North West’s performance at the YEEZY Season 8 show in Paris, which sampled ZaZa’s song “What I Do” but failed to credit her.

Taking to Twitter, Kardashian explained that it was meant to be a homage. “Shout out to Zaza!!! North hopes you like the remix!!!” Check it out below.

Not long after footage of North rapping surfaced online, ZaZa’s parents took to social media to voice their disappointment. “We admire Kanye West and adore his journey. However, we don’t wanna feel like our daughter’s journey in the world of entertainment is being STIFLED.”

Kardashian left a comment under the ZaZa’s parents’ post, reiterating that she didn’t mean any harm. “We love you, North is a huge fan […] I didn’t mean to not give credit where credit was due.” Check it out below.