Odell Beckham Jr.’s love for expensive watches was his trademark off the gridiron before it became his trademark on the field of play in September 2019. The Cleveland Browns star, who suffered a serious injury last weekend, is one of few players across professional sports that can match his eccentric sense of fashion with an equally eccentric (and successful) style of play.

Beckham Jr. often wears watches that cost more than my life savings during warm-ups and training camp, so the fact that he flexed (and was fined for) his watch-wearing in a game against the Tennessee Titans last season takes the cake for things we expected, but still couldn’t help fawning over.

After teaming up with Nike on a signature sneaker and a series of player-exclusive football cleats, OBJ is now a watch ambassador for Daniel Wellington. We caught up with the star to talk about his general love for expensive timepieces.

What about luxury watches appeals to you?

I love how practical and classic they are. A watch is the ultimate statement piece to any outfit for any occasion.

Do you agree with personalizing watches and potentially damaging the long-term value?

I like personalizing watches. I think it makes them unique and the personal touch adds more sentimental value to me.

What watches do you like to wear for different occasions?

I switch it up all the time so it depends on the vibe and my mood, but typically I’ll war a Daniel Wellington watch from the classic collection for a chill, everyday look, a Richard Millie when I’m looking to make a statement or going to an event, and a Patek Philippe for business meetings.

Who has the most impressive watch collection you’ve ever seen?

I’ve heard that Eric Clapton has an insane watch collection. I haven’t seen it in person but from what I’ve heard, he’s a pretty serious collector, so I’m sure it’s a sick collection.

How did your role as Daniel Wellington ambassador come about?

Daniel Wellington reached out to my team when they were looking for a new global ambassador. As a watch enthusiast, I was interested in the partnership from the jump. I like that the brand is still 100 percent privately owned. I’m a self-made man and they’re a self-made brand creating affordable, luxury time-pieces, so it made sense.

What kind of watch wearer is DW watches perfect for?

They’re perfect for people who like affordable luxury. They embody a classic and timeless look and can go with anything, so you can’t really go wrong.

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