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Berlin’s favorite sneaker outpost Overkill has teamed up with fellow Germans PUMA to pay tribute to Pfeffi – the peppermint-flavored liquor with a cult following in Berlin’s nightlife scene.

Starting with the PUMA Disc Blaze and Blaze Cage silhouettes, Overkill and PUMA added the vivid green hue found on Pfeffi bottles, then enlisted the help of German based DJ Duo Modeselektor to model the release in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. The result is an all-German collaborative effort that honors one of Berlin’s most legendary spirits.

Both models will be available starting November 18 exclusively from Overkill, accompanied by a specially designed box, and various accessories like a branded baseball bat.

Below, we spoke briefly with Modeselektor about the collabration.

For those that aren’t familiar, explain the Pfeffiboys concept. What is Berlin’s relationship with Pfeffi?

So Pfeffi is a real delight for the slightly fucked up raver that has been awake for too long. At any rave, you’ll reach that point after 24 hours when you really want to brush your teeth, but you don’t want to go home. So you kill two birds with one stone – Pfeffi gives you fresh breath and you can continue to drink. Actually perfect.

Who’s your dream back to back DJ partner, dead or alive?


What do you like to wear when DJing?

Szary always wears jumpsuits, always! Gernot likes to play barefoot, it’s all about being relaxed!

Do you have any tips for staying sane while on the road?

Without being too specific, it’s very important to know when to say no to certain things in the important moments.

What does Germany’s heritage of sportswear brands mean to you?

Somehow we both immediately thought of tennis players Steffi Graf and Boris Becker.

Would you call yourself a sneakerhead? What are some of your other favorite PUMA releases from this year?

I think it’s hard to deny that we both are into sneakers, especially collabs! Our favorite PUMA is of course the “Pfeffiboys” Puma Disc!

What is special about sneaker culture in Berlin?

What was the first pair of shoes you bought that you truly loved and cherished?

When I was ten, my aunt offered me a white PUMA basketball shoe. That was around the end of the ’80s, it was really the greatest thing on earth to actually own these shoes. I wore them all the time, and whenever I could. I cried when they started to fall apart, and I couldn’t wear them anymore. No, just kidding, no clue about the first shoe I cherished, but we like Pfeffi, and techno, and let’s be honest… we like sneakers too.

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