Following the release of his new Netflix stand up special, Alive From New York, Pete Davidson rejoined the streaming service to offer fans a look inside his Staten Island apartment, which just so happens to be located in his mom's basement.

Davidson begins the tour by letting everyone know that he moved into his mother's house roughly a year ago to "stay away from fucking people." After showing off a few pieces of clothing that he admittedly never wears, the actor/comedian opens the door to his "porno bathroom" that he says he rarely uses in that capacity, essentially because he lives with his mom.

Upon stepping out into the main living quarters of the basement, Davidson showcases some of his more prized possessions, ranging from a dust buster to family photos, a tie worn by Rodney Dangerfield, one of Shaq's ridiculously large shoes, and a life-sized alien named Kevin.

Pete concludes the tour by thanking Netflix for stopping by, insisting they "come back again in four years when you pay me again to do another special."

Press play below for a look inside Pete Davidson's Staten Island apartment located in his mother's basement, then follow here to watch his new Netflix special, Alive From New York.

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