Known for its cantankerous, salt-and-pepper haired meat mongers, Peter Luger is a cash-only steakhouse crammed with guests day in and day out, chomping on tender steak prepared with methods that — like its staffers — probably hasn’t changed in a few decades. But if no one knows you’ve dined there, did you really drop coin on a fancy meal?

Here’s food for thought: The new flex is repping your local watering hole or favorite restaurant in the same way you’d wear a Travis Scott tee the day after the Jackboys show. The farm-to-T-shirt phenomenon has got all of Instagram’s freshest dressers on the hunt for locally-sourced jawns.

Although Luger’s does offer some really dope souvenirs — including dad caps embroidered with a lone bull image and a double-sided graphic tee featuring different cuts of cow on the back — the real gem of its dusty merch cabinet is this cream-colored golf shirt. Appropriately only available in Large and Extra-Large, the golf shirt is a hefty garment worthy of any NYC ephemera collector’s closet space. Just be careful with the Luger sauce if you decide to wear it while you dine.

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