Although pizza is a “great unifier” thanks to its near universal appeal, it can also get people’s blood boiling and lead to heated debates as to which city in the United States is serving it up “best.”

While Brooklyn is certainly in the running, you can’t have a legitimate pizza discussion without bringing up Chicago whose signature deep dish and supremely underrated thin crust versions certainly make it one of the great pizza cities in the entire world.

Watch as Host Frank Pinello takes the viewer along for a deep dish pizza lesson with Marc Malnati (of Lou Malnati’s fame), makes pizza with Rose at Vito & Nick’s, and takes a dance lesson with the owner’s of Freddy’s pizza.

For more Chicago culinary treats, check out our own exploration of some of the best dishes the Windy City has to offer.

Words by Alec Banks
Features Editor

Alec Banks is a Los Angeles-based long-form writer with over a decade of experience covering fashion, music, sports, and culture.