New photos from a Taiwanese product filing reveal the actual size of the PlayStation, and it's even bigger than we've been lead to believe.

According to Yahoo, this should be the largest console to date, and the new images back that prediction up. The official measurements are; 390mm (15.4”) height, 260mm (10.24”) deep, and 104mm (4.09”) however the recent images suggest it will be bigger than that. It'll likely surpass the Xbox Series X and former systems including the PlayStation 3, the original Xbox, and the Xbox 360.

Fans have been eagerly planning for the arrival of the new console, going so far as to mockup images of the PS5 in situ.

Last Wednesday, Sony unveiled the PS5’s price and said that preorders would go live “as early as tomorrow.” However, fans were surprised when retailers opened preorders for the PlayStation 5 without any warning a day before they were supposed to.

Pre-ordering proved extremely chaotic. Sony was forced to apologize after the sudden unregulated preorder links caused a frenzy amongst potential buyers and in the end, fans were left emptyhanded while resellers got their hands on multiple preorders.

According to Sony’s apology, those that missed out should be on the lookout for more preorders “over the next few days,” with more units coming at the end of the year.

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