Nearly four years after his first appearance, Post Malone is welcomed back to GQ's On the Rocks segment to showcase his updated jewelry collection.

Posty begins the show by admitting that he spends entirely too much money on watches, although he feels they can be a great investment. While rifling through his insane collection, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter touches on highlights such as his rainbow Rolex Daytona, a skeleton Hublot, the supposed lightest tourbillon in existence, which he insists makes him feel like a spaceman, and a million-dollar Richard Mille Skull Asia Edition that, he jokes, gives him something to talk about in his songs.

In transitioning to other pieces of jewelry from his arsenal, Posty shows off the ring he got to "marry himself" and a complementary pinky ring, before transitioning to his chains. He also informs he's all about wearing chains by themselves, but he does have a few go-to pendants when he feels like switching things up. These include his beloved Dallas Cowboys star, a Hot Boyz chain the Cowboys defense gave him, and a Dimitri head.

To see all of this and more, press play below as you will no doubt marvel at Post Malone's expansive jewelry collection.

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