Meet Marlon. Marlon is a graphic designer who spends his weekdays running from one meeting to the next, always on top of his game, always sharply dressed, but rarely finds a moment to pull himself away from his hustle – sound familiar?

That is, until one busy day, Marlon walks by a basketball court in his old ’hood and spots a few familiar faces, and it stops him right in his tracks. Suddenly, a feeling of nostalgia comes over him and he’s reminded of the times he spent on the courts and of his favorite kicks.

Not satisfied with just being an onlooker, Marlon wants in on the action, but is his ’fit out of place? He looks down to ponder, and then in a moment of clarity realizes his kicks are on point.

Laced in PUMA’s all-new Clyde Hardwood, they actually balance style and high performance on and off the court.


Marlon sheds his jacket and hoodie and steps into the game – with the Clyde, he’s in his element. He effortlessly splits through the defense and soars through the air for a dunk with the help of his kicks, which are built for the street but, really, made for the court.

Just like that, Marlon reconnects with his roots and is reminded there’s always time to play.

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