Reebok USA track jacket

Reebok is re-releasing its 2018 USA track jacket inspired by the 1992 Dream Team warmup suit. The decision to revive the outerwear comes as the brand recently ignited a conversation surrounding an episode of ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance.

Jordan famously draped an American flag over his shoulder during the medals ceremony for the 1992 Olympics, knowingly covering the Reebok logo on his Team USA warmup. A Nike athlete, MJ was tried and true loyal to the brand, going so far as to show no love to competitors of the company.

"Michael is a very interesting individual, one with a very strong value system," said Steve Miller, Nike’s director of sports marketing, in a story that ran in the Chicago Tribune on July 31, 1992. “These individuals are just that, individuals. People think we have tremendous control over their lives. We do have business relationships with them. But we can’t dictate what they do,” he went on to add.

Reebok provided the official warmups for US Olympic athletes in 1992, and wearing the jacket was mandatory, as per the US Olympic Committee. Years later in 2018, the brand released an updated version of the jacket inspired by the '92 warmups.

You'll be able to purchase Reebok's USA track jacket tomorrow, May 8, on for $80.

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