Krispy Kreme has joined forces with Rick and Morty for a new tasty collab — donuts inspired by some of the show's most popular characters and episodes, like Pickle Rick, for example.

However, before your upchuck reflexes start tingling, Krispy Kreme assures us that the Pickle Rick donut doesn't actually taste of pickles. Instead, it says the flavor hails from an alternative universe "where pickles taste like lemon crème and white chocolate."

Other menu additions include Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie and Strawberry Smiggles' donut. There's also a Fleeb Juice shake, which sounds pretty dire until you learn its made from milk, ice-cream, and raspberry and "blue heaven" syrups.

So far, it looks like Rick and Morty's Krispy Kreme donuts will only be available in Australia. Fans can buy the limited-edition flavors online and at Australian Krispy Kreme locations until March 16 (or until supplies last).

View the announcement below, and head over to Krispy Kreme for more info on the new Rick and Morty flavors.

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