Rihanna's Fenty Skin is gearing up to release its first face exfoliant, Pre-Show Glow.

Dropping on December 10 at Fenty Skin's website, the product features two components: the first is a serum-like liquid formulated with ten percent alpha hydroxy acid, a chemical exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells; and the second is a reusable applicator — essentially a textured towel — that physically scrubs away roughness.

By harnessing the powers of both chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation, keys to banishing dullness and dark spots, Rih's at-home treatment packs a two-in-one punch.

Fenty Skin recommends scrubbing a dime-sized blob of the solution across the face using the applicator. Rinse and follow with sunscreen if you plan on going outside — alpha hydroxy acid can sensitize skin to UV rays.

"It's my secret weapon to use before any special event, or whenever I need a fast glow-up," the Bad Gal — who, sorry, probably isn't pregnant — said of Pre-Show Glow.

A little over a year old, Fenty Skin is a natural extension of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty empire, beloved for its expansive range of shades.

Most recently, Fenty Beauty unveiled its first fragrance, a perfume that captures Rih's "true essence." (The perfume is restocking on December 6, in case you missed the initial release.)

Though Fenty Skin received overwhelmingly positive reviews at launch, some customers were disappointed to discover that its creams and cleansers contain fragrance, a component that can irritate some sensitive skin types.

"Parfum/Fragrance" is the third-to-last ingredient in Pre-Show Glow, something anyone with a history of reactions should note. But, given that the product is a rinse-off treatment, the vast majority of users should have zero problems with it.

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