Owner and founder of accessory brand nana-nana, Hisato Takenouchi, has opened a new restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles that focuses on the many different expressions of rice.

A portmanteau of "rice" and "like," RIKE encourages guests to order its various combos, which consist of three bite-sized rice balls of two pieces each, based on the restaurant's concept of experiencing all flavors in one bite. Each item can also be ordered a la carte and complemented by RIKE's side dishes, which include everything from organic fried chicken with zesty lime sauce to okra salad hidden beneath an abundance of sesame.

The rice served at RIKE is called "Yuki Tsubaki" and is specially cultivated Koshihikari rice from Uonuma City, Niigata. Yuki Tsubaki is a hard-to-find brand that has received the highest ratings from the International Contest on Rice Tasting Evaluation five years in a row. In addition to white rice, vegan and brown rice options are available as well.

Beyond the exquisite culinary offerings, RIKE features a large piece by local artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt, showcasing his trademark bold text and floral patterns. Near DeWitt's artwork is a piece by Seiji Nagai, the founder of Harajuku vintage clothing store DEPT. Ceramic pieces are provided by French artist SO ME whose "X RATED TABLEWARE" converges with traditional Arita Japanese porcelain.

KIRI, the artistic director of multi-brand Tokyo boutique GR8, is in charge of everything from the direction of the interior to the background music playlist. For RIKE, KIRI curated a selection of '80s album-oriented rock, new age, ambient, experimental R&B, Swedish rap, and much more. Lastly, famed Japanese designer Sk8thing, a close friend of KIRI, designed the logo.

Head on over to the RIKE website to check out the menu, delivery options and catering information. RIKE is open now Tuesday to Sunday.

RIKE 228 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

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