Following Salomon’s Spring 2016 S/LAB Black Edition release, the performance footwear specialist is dropping four new styles for fall.

As the fashion community continues to embrace utilitarian garb, Salomon’s trail sneakers have developed a cult fashion following. Taking advantage of this trend, the brand has blacked-out its loudly colored silhouettes and given fashionistas Salomon sneakers in their purest form.

The second Black Edition delivery includes the S/LAB Wings 8 Black, S/LAB Speedcross Black, S/LAB Snowcross Black, and S/LAB X ALP GTX® Black. Designed in their French Alps headquarters, Salomon worked together with top outdoor athletes to ensure peak performance and innovation from the products.

The S/LAB Snowcross Black and S/LAB X ALP GTX® Black sees the brand purge all color from two of its sneaker-boot models. With a brazen aesthetic for even the most daring fashion aficionado, they’re also ultra-lightweight, all-weather ready, and primed for unpredictable terrains.

While purely aesthetic fashion fads quickly come and go—vintage band T-shirts a case in point—trends with some practicality have longer lasting value, even if their popularity is superficial. The fashion community adopted performance sneakers, skateboarding gear, and military apparel years ago, and continue to use them in their original or reimagined forms.

Whether trail sneakers will remain a fringe fashion statement or break into the mainstream is debatable. But Salomon's S/LAB Black Edition collection is a fashion friendly embrace putting the brand at the helm of the trend.

S/LAB Black Edition models are available at the following retailers:

The Broken Arm, Paris Kapadokya, Lyon MR PORTER 290 SQM, Amsterdam Soto, Berlin LimitEditions, Barcelona Inner Antonioli, Milano Norse Store, Copenhagen 90 SQM, Zurich En Route, Tokyo Beams, Tokyo Best Packing, Tokyo

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