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black trail sneakers
black trail sneakers
black trail sneakers

Capitalizing on the current trend for deliberately functional footwear and currently crystallizing around the apparent rise of the trail sneaker, Salomon embraces the fashion world by blacking out their S/LAB collection in time for summer.

The new S/LAB Black Edition project comprises a range of silhouettes from the French Alpine footwear label’s celebrated performance line, “switching off” the famed red/white colorway to create the S/LAB Speed Black, the S/LAB Sense 5 Ultra Black, the S/LAB Sonic Black. A further four silhouettes, the S/LAB Wings 8 Black, the S/LAB Speedcross Black, the S/LAB Snowcross Black, and the S/LAB X ALP GTX® Black, are dropping soon.

As the most conspicuous footwear label when it comes to trail sneakers, this is pretty interesting stuff from Salomon. The S/LAB line is, at heart, a performance line designed for running, trail running, winter running and fast mountaineering, and S/LAB Black Edition models are functionally no different.

The decision to black out the line came from a realization that people might want to wear the distinctive Salomon silhouette, but that the louder colorways might not be for everyone: “By pulling all color out of the shoes, we’ve brought the shoes down to their purest form,” explains Salomon lifestyle product line manager Julien Traverse. “[It’s the] simplest expression of Salomon’s essence – performance. A pure expression of form, without the distraction of color.”

The first three S/LAB Black Edition models – S/LAB Sonic Black, S/LAB Speed Black, S/LAB Sense 5 Ultra Black – are available now online and at the below stores. The remaining four S/LAB Black models dropping in the next few weeks.

Available at:

The Broken Arm, Paris
Kapadokya, Lyon
Mr Porter
290 Square Meters, Amsterdam
Soto, Berlin
LimitEditions, Barcelona
Inner Antonioli, Milan
Norse Store, Copenhagen
Yme Universe, Oslo
90sqm, Zurich
En Route, Tokyo
Beams, Tokyo
Best Packing, Tokyo

  • Photography: Timothy Suen /
Words by Jack Drummond
Branded Content Editor