Scarface has opened up about his recent coronavirus diagnosis. The Houston rapper went on Instagram Live last night, where he had a candid interview with Ludacris.

During the 20-minute chat, the rapper revealed he contracted the virus despite staying at home for three weeks. "I’m scared to death," he admitted. "I ain’t never felt this vulnerable. For the first time in my life, I feel like I was not in control of what was about to happen."

Even with the surprise diagnosis, the Geto Boys rapper stressed the importance of social distancing and told fans to avoid going outside at all costs. "Don’t do it. I know we feel invincible at times."

Elsewhere, Scarface revealed that he's been keeping busy by binging on Netflix's All-American, as well as tuning into D-Nice's Instagram Live parties. "D-Nice saved me. That shit helped me more than anything." The IG Live chat took place yesterday at 7:30 pm EST and had around 3,000 people tuning in.

Scarface revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus during a live-stream with Geto Boys' Willie D earlier this week. He isn't the only Houston rapper to open up about their diagnosis, however, as Slim Thug also revealed he has contracted Covid-19.

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