Streetwear is absolutely massive now. What started as a niche, underground subculture has now become the go-to uniform for people all over the world. That means — for better or worse — that Hollywood celebrities are now well-acquainted with our beloved genre of clothing.

Jonah Hill has been straight-up killing it these days. He's obsessed with streetwear, and is regularly spotted in all sorts of skate brands — Palace especially. He's even appeared in not one, but two video ads for the London brand. Our man is basically Hollywood's streetwear ambassador.

Shia LaBeouf, meanwhile, has cultivated an ultra-Normcore aesthetic that looks like he's dragging himself through the gutter in the name of sartorial irony.

Jonah is unashamed in his love of streetwear and Shia's antics are entertaining to say the least, but over the years our beloved culture has even spread to z-listers whose only claim to fame is dating a Kardashian.

That's right. Scott "Lord" Disick is into streetwear — and has been for a while. The man who allegedly bought himself a knighting ceremony online so he could refer to himself as Lord Disick has been dipping into sneakers and hoodies for years, probably since Kanye West entered the Kardashian inner circle. Recently, though, the Lord has been spotted wearing Highsnobiety favorites like Chinatown Market, Common Projects and Supreme.

We're not saying the guy is a style icon by any means — Disick's outfits range from anyone-could-do-it casualwear through to dear-god-make-it-stop paparazzi fodder — but it's a sign of just how huge streetwear is now. Literally everyone — from inner-city skate rats to Calabasas mega-basics — wears sneakers and graphic tees these days, and the once-distant worlds of streetwear and runway fashion are now pretty much identical.

Here's a quick roundup of some of Disick's recent streetwear ventures, and a few hideous make-it-stop moments to remind you that wearing some nice tees and sneakers still won't save you from crimes against steez.

The Baby Blue Lord

Here's a pleasant surprise. Disick was recently spotted in New York wearing a long-sleeve from Chinatown Market, with some Ralph camo pants and adidas Calabasas sneakers. Baby blue and camo is a powerful summertime combo, and Chinatown Market is one of our favorite streetwear brands at the minute, so there's not much to be mad at here.

The Off-Duty Lord

Okay, so this one's inoffensive enough. The white tee, pale blue jeans and white sneakers off-duty look is easy on the eyes, but it's a no-brainer — anyone could pull this off — so we're not awarding any medals here.

The Supreme Overlord

Here, the Lord is paying NY consignment store Stadium Goods a visit. Clearly Lord Disick isn't the kind of guy to line up with mere mortals or give Supreme's online store a click onslaught at 10:59am, so he's gotta pay resell. I guess that's not a problem when you get paid $50,000 to host pool parties in Vegas.

The Lackluster Lord

Just leaving this one here to reiterate that we are definitely not saying Scott Disick is a style icon.

The Lazy Lord

Incase YEEZY Seasons 1-5 didn't make it clear: luxe-lazy is the new vibe for rich people who don't want to look rich.

The Velvet Lord

Woah, okay, hold up. This baggy velvet hoodie is obscenely dope. If our instincts are right, then the banger in question is by no less than Haider Ackermann — one of the must-see highlights of Paris Fashion Week — meaning the Lord has almost (but still not) made up for his previous misdemeanors.

The Millennial Pink Lord

Common Projects has been quietly taking over the world for years now, so it's hardly surprising that even Disick has discovered the joys of the CP's luxe minimalism (although Highsnobiety has been writing about Common Projects for a decade now, just saying).

Lord Have Mercy

Jesus, Scott. Nobody deserves this.

  • Cover Image:@upscalehype / Instagram

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