Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW has announced that Snoop Dogg is the newest face of the brand. That’s right, it turns out that Doggy Style actually consists of high-quality raw denim. Announcing the new partnership is the label’s latest Hardcore Denim campaign which features the hip-hop icon and even boasts an exclusive remake of Snoop Dogg’s Say It Witcha Booty.

Why Snoop? Actually, there’s more to this partnership than Snoop Dogg being a recognizable and universally loved face, although that does help. Snoop Dogg is at once iconic and accessible, two qualities that define the G-Star RAW offering. The label has made a tradition of working with “true originals”: authentic, one-of-a-kind talents, and there’s no doubting that the multi-platinum Snoop fits that mold. “We are both masters of our craft – leading the game. You know what I’m saying? We look ahead,” says Snoop.

The campaign merges G-Star’s Hardcore Denim philosophy with D-O-Double-G’s signature blend of humor and style. One watch of the campaign video tells you all that you need to know. It celebrates men, women, islands, hot air balloons, and, of course, some booties in denim.

G-Star RAW CMO Gwenda Van Vliet says of the campaign: “Snoop Dogg is a true Original: best in class, real and outspoken. He is continuously re-inventing himself and he merges worlds in unexpected ways. Our joint campaign brings that philosophy to life, and is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to all denim booties.”

Be sure to watch the campaign below and shop the collection here.

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