Last year, Softcore untd. blew our minds with their single “gi meg tid." At the time, it got many us out of winter depression. Now, everyone's brains have completely switched gears as we all adjust to the coronavirus pandemic in real time. While it's certainly not a cure, music can serve as a vital form of medicine for the soul especially during tough times. Today, we're premiering a stream of the Norwegian band's debut album, Bygger opp, river ned. The project has been three years in the making and officially drops on March 27 via Cascine and Eget Selskap.

"We wanted the album to have a kind of ‘mixtape’ feel to it - to have all the transitions and all the tracks feel like one thing, instead of just a collection of songs, and we think we succeeded in doing so," Softcore untd. explained in an email. "It’s probably a bit darker and noisier than what people might’ve come to expect from us, but we hope you like it."

The title translates to "building up, tearing down," a statement that feels extremely relevant in response to the current state of events. The eight tracks flow in and out of each other with ease like a stream of consciousness shifting between the fight-or-flight response. (My personal favorites are "Mye mere," "Vendepunkt," and "Under Vann, Over Tak.") Give yourself a break from all the chaos and stream the full album below.

If you're in need of additional entertainment while staying inside, check out Softcore untd.'s rom-com horror film, Is this the worst first date ever?, directed by Kristoffer Borgli.

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