Brand: SoundCloud x GRVTY

Season: FW20

Key Pieces: A range of graphic T-Shirts and hoodies recalling their design process featuring phrases like “There Will Be A New Day And A New Song, Play on,” “Exalted, Sonically,” “Endless Loop Harmonix,” “Futuristic Frequencies And Advanced Vibrations,” and “Pure & Wondrous Sounds.”

Release Date: October 2


Editor’s Notes:

No longer limited by just music, SoundCloud is officially in the clothing business thanks to their latest collaboration with GRVTY, an independent broadcast company creating visual pieces through clothing and film. Titled ‘Pure & Wondrous Sounds,’ the collaboration was conceived during the start of the global pandemic by GRVTY founders Orlando Urbina and Marshall Tan and heavily influenced by music’s ability to empower, help us escape, cope, and heal.

While SoundCloud has offered one-off merch in the past, this collection is their first foray into fashion and the start of a fruitful partnership with underground designers who share SoundCloud’s DIY ethos of innovation. The ‘Pure & Wondrous Sounds’ collection features a range of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, vinyl slipmats, and even a customized Pelican case to protect your equipment for all the musicians out there.

Take a sneak peek at the collection above and look for the entire range dropping October 2 exclusively at

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