Size matters — when it comes to your accessories game, at least.

It seems fashion is finally overthrowing mini bag supremacy, a trend that Jacquemus' diminutive Le Chiquito sparked, and offering oversized hold-alls as a successor.

Big bags first began creeping into our sartorial consciousness at Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Month.

In New York, Peter Do presented crescent-shaped cross-bodies that would fit a laptop, several hardcover books, and a Nalgene bottle to boot.

Over in Milan, the great Fendace "swap" saw Donatella Versace and Kim Jones debut maximalist shoppers swathed in leopard print, faux fur accents, and Fendi's Zucca monogram.

Finally, in Paris, oversized top-flap shoulder bags hit Balenciaga's red carpet.

Big Bag Energy is going strong off the official Fashion Month calendar, too.

At Bottega Veneta's salon-style show in Detroit, models were snapped leaving the show with gigantic, Kelly green shopping bags. The shoppers aren't new (Bottega uses them to package outerwear), but they're an impressively huge indicator of our shift towards heftier accessories.

And earlier this week, Mowalola released a super-sized version of its Bundle bag, a croissant-shaped purse.

Like fashion's newfound embrace of high heels and maximalist makeup, the resurgence of huge bags could have to do with our emergence from the pandemic.

As we gear up to return to the office, we need more practical options for toting around daily essentials. Jacquemus' Chiquito, which holds no more than a singular AirPod, isn't exactly suited to a typical day at work.

Roomier accessories are also suitable for travel, which we're all easing back into. Who shows up at the airport with a bag that can hardly accommodate a passport?

Tiny accessories are cute, absolutely, but you'll catch me carrying something more substantial when I eventually return to my weekday commute. Impractical purses are so 2020.

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