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You surely know who Steve Lacy is by now. He’s the 20-year-old guy in The Internet who can shred like a demon and writes beats for Kendrick Lamar tracks on his iPhone. Music comes naturally to Lacy, but so too does style, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post revealing how he took home the “best dressed” award in his eighth-grade yearbook. Check out his green blazer and tube socks look below.

Lacy might orbit the hip-hop world, but his fashion tastes aren’t like your average artist. He likes a bit of streetwear, of course, but he’s just as likely to pair his Carhartt pocket tees with GmbH snakeskin trousers and Margiela Tabi boots. He’s a classic sartorial wildcard cut from the same cloth as A$AP Rocky and Young Thug, blazing a trail and not caring what anyone else thinks.

Take a look at some of his recent most stylish moments below.

Remember a couple of years ago when ’90s adidas popper track pants made a comeback and were selling for ridiculous money on eBay? They might be past the point of saturation now, but Lacy still makes them look good.

Some claim we’re moving toward a post-sneaker world, with formal footwear such as loafers having a big 18 months and no longer dismissed as gimmicky dandy attire. Wear them with smart trousers, shorts, or even joggers this summer.

This is a fairly straightforward ’fit, but how about that wave-print Dries Van Noten jacket? This psychedelic bad boy is an ideal spring statement piece, the type that says “Look at me: I’m a sophisticated guy with a wardrobe full of Dries, yet also kind of fun!” as you roll up to a gallery opening. And if people ask you about it, you can tell them it’s Beyoncé-approved and the hottest print of 2019.

The SS19 design was inspired by Danish designer Verner Panton, who gave the world the S-shaped Panton Chair.

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bb boi @steve.lacy with the custom hunk stitcharoo

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When it comes to quintessential American brands, Pendleton can be filed alongside titans like Levi’s and Carhartt. The brand is best known for its cozy wool blankets, but it has some neat fleece options, too. Lacy’s vest features Pendleton’s glacier stripe resplendent with custom stitching by Hunk International. You can find more of Hunk’s work here.

steve lacy fits
Instagram / @steve.lacy

Was this the best ’fit of 2018? Yes, IMHO. A$AP Rocky is the high-low king, but perhaps he’s under threat from Lacy, the young pretender to the throne. Pairing a Carhartt tee with GmbH pants and Margiela Tabis? It’s like Dave’s New York up top and Berlin street style below.

steve lacy fits
Instagram / @steve.lacy

Lacy loves Tabis, having been seen in black and white pairs before. But metallic? That is bold. Rather than tone the rest of his ’fit down, Lacy goes all-in, wearing print FTP jeans and a hot pink Balenciaga turtleneck with matching gloves.

steve balenciaga steve lacy
Instagram / @steve.lacy

Leather pants have been making a low-key comeback of late. If you recall, the ALYX pair we previously flagged has now been seen on Migos and, most notably, Travis Scott, who wore them during his halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl. In this head-to-toe Balenciaga ’fit, worn at Paris Fashion Week, Lacy’s pants sag heavily at the hem, the louche vibe added to by his long blazer and colorful shirt.

When you’re finished here, listen to Lacy’s new single “N Side” below.