Fashion week street style is serious business these days. The format has fast evolved into a global spectacle, giving outsiders a glimpse into the mad circus that is fashion week, with all its ever-changing trends, outrageously expensive outfits and Instagram-savvy #influencers. Street style has launched careers, generated millions of clicks for online publications and produced some incredible eye candy, thanks to the many spectacular — or just straight-up gaudy — outfits on show.

With the Spring/Summer 2017 shows fast approaching (London Collections: Men kicks the schedule off on June 10), I hit up a few photographer friends of mine to see who's killing it on the fashion week circuit these days, from rap megastars to industry insiders and off-duty models.

Stay tuned for a ton of street style action throughout June, as our street style snappers hit up the world's fashion capitals to document the best — and most outrageous — outfits on show.

"Marc Göhring, fashion editor at 032C. He always looks impeccable and inspiring." - Acielle, @styledumonde

"Markus Ebner of Achtung magazine is my favorite male subject to shoot. His style is extremely diverse and completely effortless. He will mix a Boris Bidjan Saberi backpack with an otherwise #menswear look. The way he walks exudes confidence, and his expressions are always intimidating which makes for an amazing image. He appears to be 100% unpretentious, and I love that not that many people shoot him. It makes the images I get of him seem rare." - Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme

"Sita Abellán. I like to shoot people who stand out with their looks, I do not like simplicity or minimalism in fashion and one person who stays true to this is Sita. She is true to her style and is authentic, a characteristic I look for when shooting people in fashion weeks. Also, her unconventional features make her perfect for my lens." - Eva Al Desnudo,

"Matthew Foley is commonly known as 'the Thom Browne guy,' mostly because he works for the company and usually wears full Thom outfits every fashion week, but also because it fits him perfectly. Recently he’s been wearing other designers as well, yet he manages to keep his style as it’s always been: clean, minimal and chic." - Julien Boudet, @bleumode

"Ursina Gysi is tied with a number of women as my #1 most sought-after image. Her style is impossible for me to describe. Vintage. Eccentric. Loud yet somehow still understated. She wears little or no makeup and has an amazing face which is very mysterious to me. She doesn't stop and pose for photographers (my favorite thing about most of my subjects) and I really have to work hard to get a great photo of her. I have a feeling she actually hates having her photo taken by us, which makes the chase even more exciting — the images feel stolen." - Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme

"Michele Lamy is truly dramatic, dark and theatrical. Hugely inspirational. Opposite to less is more. The combination of her looks with the oversized accessories, her gold teeth and her makeup make her looks just perfect." - Eva Al Desnudo,

"Bradley Soileau always ends up a great image. His tattoos are too sick, and his style is on point. I have less than 10 photos of him on my site, but each one is top-shelf. Male model gone wrong is how I'd describe it. Can't wait for my next chance to add to his tag on my site." - Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme

"A$AP Rocky is a regular at fashion weeks, and obviously one of the biggest style icons these days. Taking pictures of him is challenging but getting that shot is always rewarding." - Acielle, @styledumonde

"Vanille Verloës. I like her natural, cool look. It’s obvious that she doesn't dress to be noticed on the street or even to get photographed during fashion week. She doesn't wear too many designers pieces, but focuses instead on strong vintage items. Overall, the message she conveys is pretty clear: you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to look good." - Julien Boudet, @bleumode

"Cyber 69, Russia born, Toronto based producer and DJ. Sometimes a person looks so cool that you cannot stop taking their picture." - Acielle, @styledumonde

"I like to shoot Ian Connor because he's very natural, but not conventional, not forcing his looks and he's not obsessed with looking perfect in front of the camera. He is usually interacting with us and always looks interesting in front of the lens." - Eva Al Desnudo,

"Marcus Paul’s style is always on point. The designer he wears the most, Haider Ackermann, is also one of my favorites, so I really enjoy shooting him. Also, it feels great to see a professional stylist who can actually style himself perfectly. Surprisingly, it’s not so easy to find nowadays." - Julien Boudet, @bleumode

"Thora Valdimarsdóttir of Costume Denmark is basically summed up as a "bad bitch." Again, little or no makeup. She never seems there to be photographed, and her style is a mix of street and high fashion. Although Icelandic, her style reflects the city in which she lives: Copenhagen. To top it off, her son is pretty much the coolest kid on earth. Follow her snapchat. This kid is unreal. Oh, and she's a fucking nice person too." - Adam Katz Sinding, @le21eme

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