Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki is teaching fans how to draw beloved anime character, Totoro. Thanks to his YouTube tutorial, you can now learn how to properly illustrate the defining characteristics of the mixed-animal forest spirit.

In the clip, which was originally released to occupy children in lockdown in Japan, Suzuki delves into the key details behind drawing Totoro. With ink brush in-hand, he illustrates the character while disclosing that the focal point is the eyes, which are intended to be round and far apart.

The Totoro tutorial arrives as fans were recently welcomed into the Studio Ghibli museum via virtual tour. If you're in need of more entertainment from the Japanese animation studio, you can watch numerous Studio Ghibli films on Netflix, following a landmark partnership.

Press play below to learn how to draw Totoro courtesy of Toshio Suzuki, film producer and former president of Studio Ghibli.

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