stussy reopening seoul store merch Stüssy

Stüssy is reopening its Seoul chapter this week, and new merch is on the way to celebrate. A new short sleeve and long sleeve tee, both offered in black and white, will drop exclusively in-store for the October 5 reopening.

The short sleeve will appease the logomaniacs with a racing-inspired collection of graphics on the back and a futuristic "Stussy/Seoul" on the front. The longsleeve hits a Sandro Botticelli painting with the Sabattier effect on the rear and Stüssy's classic logo on the front. All the designs also feature the rechristened store's address.

The design studio WP&A redid the space to compliment its designs for Stüssy's London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam stores.

"Continuously evolving the Stussy retail language of deconstructed basic materials, we kept familiar elements of the previous stores while at the same time introducing some new ones," said Willo Perron of WP&A. "The goal was always to combine different eras of modern design, from early modernism to post modernism through the contemporary hybrids, to land at something that feels like California’s spirit of innovative adventurousness."

Stay tuned for images inside the new space.

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