Working closely with New York filmmaker William Strobeck, Roxanne Oldham played the part of musical supervisor for Supreme’s 2014 skate flick “cherry,” which featured parts from Supreme affiliates including Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Nakel Smith, Mark Gonzales, Dylan Rieder, Alex Olson, Jason Dill and more.

In the debut podcast from SkateMuzik by G.Quagliano, Oldham reveals the process through which the final soundtrack for “cherry” was compiled.

“I just helped [Bill] bring the whole project to life, via the music. We kind of went through different genres, a lot of the music is music we both grew up listening to, and like, and we thought if we paired the different styles of music with the different skaters, it would reflect, hopefully, their skating style…”

For additional quotes, as well as cuts from the soundtrack that includes Cypress Hill, Raekwon, Jane’s Addiction, The Cure and more, check out the podcast below.

  • Main Image: Jonathan Mehring

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