Supreme may have been going for more than 20 years now, but things are very different now compared to the early years. The brand's weekly drops have turned into a frenzy, and it seems like the huge lines of young streetwear fans are getting longer and longer each season.

As time goes on, and the hype surrounding the brand gets more intense, a lot of older Supreme fans are deciding to offload their collections to younger generations. A while back we caught up with veteran streetwear collector Tith, who unloaded his collection at a pop-up in Munich, Germany, and now Sam Tatchev is the latest guy to sell his archive.

The Bulgaria-born, Berlin-based videographer linked up with a few local friends and the city's Superconscious store to host a massive streetwear blowout, featuring tons of old Supreme heat, alongside select pieces from the likes of Palace and Gosha Rubchinskiy.

We caught up with Sam to get the low-down on his blowout, as well as his thoughts on the current situation surrounding Supreme.

Why did you decide to host a Supreme pop-up in Berlin?

Mostly because I could barely close my closet door — I had way too much stuff and I realized I wear around 1 percent of the clothes I own. On the other hand, kids are going crazy about it and I am getting older – maybe it’s time to leave it to the new generation. I was also thinking Berlin is lacking cool streetwear events. Always the same collection releases and parties that people visit for the free drinks. I wanted to do something that people would go crazy for. And it worked out pretty well.

Tell us about some of the highlight pieces for sale.

Everybody was hyped about the box logo pieces, which in my opinion weren’t the highlights. There was a lot of good stuff like the Fleur de Lis Hockey Top, the Kids anniversary collection, some jackets from the ’00s, Biggie and Kate Moss tees, Kaws collabs, a Loro Piana coat for way under retail price, a couple of samples that were never sold in stores, etc.

When did your interest in Supreme start?

In my teenage years when I was still in my home country. Supreme stuff was extremely hard to get, nobody had it and it was semi-fictional for us kids on the streets.

Is Supreme popular in Berlin?

Lately it’s too popular everywhere. Five years ago if I saw somebody else on the street wearing a Supreme piece my head would turn, there were only a handful of people wearing it. Firmament was getting a few pieces in the store every season and stuff would sometimes sit on the shelves for a couple of days – I don’t remember exhausting campouts or teenagers going crazy about it. Nowadays every second teen has at least seven Supreme pieces in one outfit and it kind of changed the way people see the brand.

How was the general response for the pop-up?

Way better than expected. I made the event on Facebook with a simple banner and invited around 30-40 people. It just went nuts after that – everybody everywhere knew about the sale, kids were approaching me in the subway to ask questions about it. Hundreds of people showed up, there was a huge line in front of the store until the very end of the sale.

The first customers were a bunch of 12-13 year old kids that had come to camp at 3am. I don’t think Berlin has ever had an event like this. It all happened with absolutely no budget, just the incredible support of my friends at Superconscious.

What are some of your favorite Supreme pieces of all time?

It’s hard to appreciate the newer stuff as you can see it everywhere on everybody, so mostly older pieces – the Harmony Korine collab, ’00s jackets, the Tokion box logo tee, the first two COMME des GARCONS collaborations. I also love many pieces from FW12 and SS13, the last seasons before the online shop in Europe opened and the last really special ones in my opinion.

Were there any pieces you were upset to let go?

Oh yeah. My Dog Fight Tee from ’06, I sold it only because it was too huge for me to wear. It looks really good on the guy who bought it though, so I’m happy. The 20th anniversary football top was also a favorite of mine, the Taxi Driver tee, and the Hand/Make out tee from the Kids anniversary – one day I am going to buy it again.

Can we expect more events in the future?

Maybe. We’ll see.

What are your favorite brands now that you've sold all your Supreme?

Oh I did not sell it all, I kept my most favorite pieces. Except for the obvious, I also like Uniqlo, Comme des Garçons, Raf Simons, Novesta, Craig Green, Cav Empt. I like the recent collections of Alyx Studio, Y/PROJECT and Kiko Kostadinov, too.

Where did you buy your collection?

Supreme stores, eBay auctions, thrift shops.

What do you think about all the hype in the streetwear scene these days?

It’s ruining good designs and ideas, and takes away imagination and personality from peoples' outfits. People get obsessed with possessing, it gives them some kind of artificial confidence. Social media plays a big role too, nowadays visual information is everywhere, people’s attention span gets shorter by the day and everybody gets bored of everything too quickly. It’s the consumer generation — it’s hot, you own it until it’s not hot anymore, and a moment later you forgot about it.

Don’t let your clothes speak for you, don’t hide behind brands and logos. Let your clothing be an extension of your personality instead – it works better.

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