Supreme has just taken to Instagram to upload a new video featuring New York City DJ and radio host Funkmaster Flex.

Uploaded with the caption "FUCK THE FAKES' -Funk Flex," the video shows Flex on a tirade against fakers behind a Hot 97 microphone. Flex preludes by stating "The originators will always continue to stand, always continue to move forward," before getting straight to the point by declaring "The fakers continue to fake" and "We callin' out the fake." Check out the clip in its entirety above.

New York City's Supreme - and its beloved bogo - has been plagued by copycat brands for years, with the most recent and prominent example being Supreme Italia, announced as a collaborative partner by Samsung, before the partnership was later cancelled after backlash. Shops selling bootleg Supreme have also popped up in China and Spain. Supreme has been largely unsuccessful when attempting to quell other brands using similar logos in other parts of the world, as Supreme New York City missed out on seeking comprehensive trademark protection in other territories at an early stage.

Stay updated for more news on Supreme's forthcoming SS19 collection as it arrives.

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