With virtually every drop, Supreme's lines are endless — and oftentimes a bit raucous — many times leaving hopeful shoppers empty handed upon the day's end. It appears that the streetwear mainstay is looking to amend some of its release issues, however, by implementing a new list system for FW16.

According to this Reddit thread, Supreme's New York location handed out numbers to customers in line for their recent release, as well as disclosing a location and time to arrive in order to purchase desired items. Per user u/PlayboyDan666, Supreme's security are the ones divvying out the numbers, and they have been quite polite while doing so, only insisting that the individuals in line don't get too rowdy. If you do act up, though, you'll be given a one-time warning and then permanently banned after your next offense.

Others have suggested, however, that this system simply allows Supreme to award its "inner circle" with priority shopping.

As for now, Supreme has yet to release a statement regarding the new list system, but be sure to check back with us for more.

Let us know how you feel at the label's newly-implemented list system and also be sure to check out our favorite items from their new FW16 collection.

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