Supreme's collaboration with Louis Vuitton was one of the most hyped collections in recent memory.

A lot of people wanted it, few could afford it and even fewer could get their hands on it. But if there's one criticism, it's that the collection wasn't very kid-friendly.

That has now changed, thanks to Elliot Griffis and Dominic Chambrone - better known as The Shoe Surgeon - who produced a junior version of the collection by downsizing and then reworking the denim selection.

Griffis produced the jeans and the jacket while Chambrone used his skills to create the denim cap. All denim used for the project is authentic Supreme x Louis Vuitton, sourced from Project Blitz.

The collection is modeled by Chambrone's son, however, it is highly unlikely that any pieces will find their way onto the market as it seems to have been a one-off customization.

In related news, The Carlyle Group reportedly values Supreme at $1 billion.

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