Rumors have been circulating that someone may have stolen the Supreme banner from its downtown NYC store.

According to the r/supremeclothing page, images of the banner emerged on the Facebook group "Buying and Selling BBC, Bape, Supreme (NYC)" in a post by an account named Zoe Godz. In the now-deleted post, Godz alleges that she stole the banner and attempts to sell it. A separate image of who we assume is Godz posing with banner has also surfaced on reddit.

While it's unclear whether the reports are true, Supreme's Lafayette location is currently missing its banner (although it's also under scaffolding, so it could have been removed for construction work). We'll update this post as we hear more.

In other fashion news, here’s what an OG BAPE employee is wearing right now.

  • Main & Featured Image:GQ

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