The opening of Supreme's Paris flagship today marked the latest chapter for the New York label and the beginning of what is sure to be - to reiterate the obvious - a hugely successful enterprise. While our roaming street photographers weren't able to get inside, one look at the lineup gave them the only impression they needed as to what the future of the store holds.

Fans turned out in droves to catch a glimpse - for many, the only thing they could do - of the entranceway, which was delineated by its black facade and a Supreme box logo banner above the window. The crowd, which stretched around the block, was at a fever pitch - not surprising given the circumstances. In some ways, it was typical of any general release - in that fans were seen decked out from head-to-toe in all things Supreme - only on a much bigger scale.

For more Supreme, be sure to check out their brand new skate film, PUSSY GANGSTER, by William Strobeck.

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