Today, Supreme said goodbye to hugely influential conceptual artist John Baldessari. The Californian artist died at his home in Venice, Los Angeles, at 88-years-old.

In 2010, Supreme enlisted Baldessari for a set of skate decks that bore his iconic nose silhouettes. The works posed a conceptual question about the problem of perception and the relationship between the face and ones sense of self.

Like many of the tributes being shared today, Supreme highlighted the artist's singular sense of humor. Baldessari’s legacy spans Pop, Conceptual Art, through to 1980s appropriation art and his work helped shape each of these movements.

In the New York Times, art critic Christopher Knight wrote that Baldessari “helped pry open an unexpectedly vast territory now comfortably occupied by countless artists internationally,” and called him “America’s most influential Conceptual artist.”

Along with his droll sense of humor and consistent creative output, Baldessari is remembered for his significant contribution to the Los Angeles contemporary art scene.

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