“I wanted to create eyewear as an extension of our jewelry collection,” Giovanna Engelbert, the Creative Director of Swarovski tells me over a call. “Sunglasses are like jewelry for the eyes.” 

Take one look at Swarovski’s newest eyewear collection and you’ll most likely find you agree. Glasses, made according to Swarovski’s new brand vision, take on a whole new dimension. It’s easy to see what Engelbert means—these eyewear stylings feel like decor for your eyes. Because who says jewelry should only be from the ears down? Plus, in the age of the selfie, it’s always helpful to keep your canvas as adorned as possible.

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough
Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

The new designs come in mood-boosting shapes and colors, all studded with Swarovski crystals. The more peacock-y types, are of course, welcome, but for those who prefer subtler shades, there’s plenty on offer as well—if it’s prescription glasses you’re after, this collection has got you covered.

For its most recent campaign, Swarovski matched each pair with jewelry of the corresponding color: Blue mirror shades with blue jewels, Yellow lenses with a choker to match. The result is a kaleidoscopic trip into the new collection. “Crystallized glass can go very vintage, very nostalgic,” Engelbert said. “I wanted to have a modern and fresh approach to glamor.”

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough
Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

When pressed to pick a favorite pair, Englebert demurs, “You can’t ask me to pick a favorite child!” Some collections standouts include the Gema, complete with pink diamonds and lenses and the green wrap around Curiosa which Engelbert describes as being “for the cool kids.”

Swarovski eyewear is available at the best opticians. For further information contact swarovski@marcolin.com

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