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Last year, The Nue Co. changed the way in which we all combat stress with Functional Fragrance. Following the “How Are You, Really?” campaign in partnership with We’re Not Really Strangers and the Jed Foundation to raise awareness about mental health, the wellness company is now expanding its reach with Skin Filter.

The fast-acting skincare solution is clinically proven to “increase skin luminosity and elastin, decrease blemishes, and reduce skin redness.” Founder and CEO Jules Miller was interested in creating what she describes as “ingestible retinol” after observing how the quality of her skin changed once she turned 30.

“I started to see sun damage [and] hyper-pigmentation, closely followed by dark spots and the occasional dose of adult acne,” she explained in an email. “I didn’t want to give up my low-maintenance approach to skincare or makeup. I was looking for a product that made me feel confident about walking outside without anything on my skin.”

Skin Filter successfully targets all of those issues. Each container is packed with 30 capsules that are blended with zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, melon, and champagne grape seed. Until recently, the only thing that made a noticeable difference for Miller was topical retinol, a supplement that is often prescribed to treat vitamin A deficiency, but she was not thrilled about how red and flaky it left her face. Now, she doesn’t even have to use concealer because Skin Filter has improved her pigmentation and dark circles.

“We believe in function over cosmetic, so when it comes to skin it’s about the health of your skin rather than simply the appearance,” says Miller. “Although those two things are of course linked, most beauty brands are more focused on cosmetic over function.”

Skin Filter is available to pre-order now for $60 at The Nue Co. and is scheduled to ship out on November 5.

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