It's not unreasonable to assume there was once a time when Thom Yorke despised the red carpet and everything associated with it. These days, the Radiohead frontman lends the impression of a man much fitter and happier in his own skin, one who has grown to embrace the opportunity such glitzy events present to throw on some statement duds. I mean, can you imagine OK Computer-era Yorke in a blue printed Dries Van Noten suit with sandals? It's the sign of someone hitting their sartorial stride, well evolved from even a decade ago when Fred Perry polo shirts were almost de rigueur.

This past weekend, Yorke attended the Rome Film Festival with his new wife Dajana Roncione, and his fit was another doozy. Wearing all-black and smart derby shoes, Yorke kept things simple. At least, that's what it looked like at first glance. Further research reveals that Yorke's coat was actually from UNDERCOVER's SS20 collection, featuring graphics from Cindy Sherman's renowned Untitled Film Stills series, in which the photographer cast herself in various stereotypical female roles inspired by vintage films. When you wear a jawn of that ilk — one that's all business on the front and party at the back — it makes sense to tone the rest of your look down, so it has space to shine. It's a menswear sleight of hand that Yorke finesses expertly, with the aviator shades adding just the right touch of rock star insouciance.

That Yorke decided to go with UNDERCOVER at the festival is a nice touch, given label founder Jun Takahashi's penchant for referencing movies. The pair enjoy a close relationship — you might recall when the musician having featured alongside Hiroshi Fujiwara in a lookbook for the Shepherd UNDERCOVER line back in 2016. Takahashi has also called on Yorke to provide the soundtrack for past fashion week shows, and it's not uncommon to see them hanging out at afterparties.

As far as embracing fashion goes, it's fair to say Yorke is flourishing — aside from UNDERCOVER and Dries, he's also been seen wearing kicks by the likes of Rick Owens and Nike (the latter, though, was still true as far back as the "Just" video). In any case, here's to Thom, proving that it's never too late to discover your true style calling in life, and that yes, sometimes older guys just do it damn better.

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