Say hello to Tiosk — combining the words T-shirt and kiosk, the small newspaper stands in Europe that sell daily goods. Tiosk is Highsnobiety’s new T-shirt shop, selling a series of tees designed exclusively for us. The first edition will feature T-shirts by Souvenir Official, GEOGRAPHICS, BEINGHUNTED., and Carne Bollente, as well as one of our own design. Tiosk edition one drops on August 7.

The concept was born out of a desire to give the brands we admire a platform to express their thoughts and opinions. The first edition of the series launches only on our online shop.

Tiosk will stock limited tee drops, with multiple designs in each. The garments have been created by, and in collaboration with, the brands that we care about, including both well-established labels and the up and coming ones we think you should know about. All of the brands involved in Tiosk have been carefully curated by Highsnobiety.

Though good quality and design are paramount to the tees, Tiosk is all about uniting brands and clothing via a common theme. It’s a stage on which we can raise awareness of the topics important to us and our peers, driving discussion and scratching below the surface of our favorite brands.

All pieces are limited in quantity and exclusive to Highsnobiety, and will only be available online for one week, from August 7 to August 14.

Tiosk, a series of exclusive t-shirts

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