While many athletes are accustomed to a life of luxury, those participating in the 2020 Olympics will be subjected to rather unique sleeping arrangements, as the Associated Press reports that cardboard beds will be available to Olympic participants staying in the Athletes Village, which is being built beside Tokyo Bay.

The sleeping quarters of the village will be filled with 18,000 single bed frames, made by Japanese mattress company Airweave from recyclable cardboard that is said to be stronger than a wooden frame. According to Takashi Kitajima, the general manager of the Athletes Village, the beds can hold up to 440 pounds.

Following the games, the cardboard bed frames, along with plastic components from the mattresses, will be recycled, as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic committee continues to prioritize sustainability. In addition to the beds, the Olympic medals are being made from old donated phones, while the victory ceremony podiums will also be crafted from recycled plastic.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics begin Friday, July 24 and conclude Sunday, August 9. The Paralympics, which will also utilize cardboard beds, follow on August 25.

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